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Floral Arrangement 2

Petunia Patch "Fashion Express"

Tropical Leaf
Orange Butterfly 2

        Booking shows for  2024!!!  Grab your calendars, pick your best dates!

       (Great fund raisers which  generate member involvement for churches and clubs.

          and exciting events for Senior Communities, and assisted living, using residents,

          staff, and family members to model!) 


           2024  EVENTS ...Check your calendars for Social,  Vacation Days  and more!

  • Friday, Jan. 12:  Windsor of Ortega, Trunk Show 1-5  
  • Friday, Jan. 19th:  Discovery Village Independent Living, Trunk Show 2-5
  • Tuesday, Jan. 23rd:  Longtime Newcomers Club, fashion show  time 12:00                                                  Location:  Bonefish Grill 
  • Wednesday, Jan 24th:  Windsor  Pointe of San Pablo, Trunk Show 3-5 
  • Friday, Feb. 9th:  Discovery Village Independent Living, Fashion Show 12:00
  • Friday, Feb. 16th:  Grand Living at Tamaya, Trunk Show 3:30-6
  • Saturday, Mar. 16th:  Grand Living at Tamaya, Fashion Show 2:00  
  • Monday, April 1st:  Camellia at Deerwood, Sip and Shop Trunk show  12-5 
  • Monday, April 15th:  Camellia at Deerwood, Fashion Show 1:30 
  • Friday, April 19th:  Cypress Village Vendor's Spring Celebration 10-3  
  • Wednesday, May 1st:  Windsor Pointe of San Pablo, Sip and Shop Trunk Show  3-6
  • Friday, May 10th:  Grand Living at Tamaya, Mother's Day Trunk Show 1-5
  • Wednesday, June 5th:  Windsor Pointe of San Pablo, Trunk Show 3-5 
  • Friday, June 7th:  Windsor Pointe of Ortega, Trunk Show 1 to 4   
Floral Arrangement 2
Watercolor Butterfly 7
web tees_edited_edited.jpg
Grateful tees from  New York
Floral Arrangement 2
SBLY promo press --open door.png

California entries for your next cruise!
Soft glitter tunics and leggings
Washable pastel ultrasuedes  for lightweight coverage year round...

Taking a stroll down memory
lane for a moment....
1.  Our original Petunia Patch in
Arlington Expressway Mall. 
2.  Our 3rd store at Atlantic Village Shoping Center.
3.  One of our Sip and Shop Trunk  Shows.
4.  The Atlanta Apparel Mart
Note:  Bright spot in center is the 
stage for buyers to view from
balconies. not interrupt their buying.  

winn show Peg.jpg
Floral Arrangement 2
web Paola sweater.jpg

Summer weight crochet just in from Italy!   

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