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Themed tunics from California  $78.  

Sizes:   small- 1X


Themed tunics S-XL $78

Embellished leggings $64.

Jaguar Sequin pant  $98.

Jaguar tunic $84.  Leggings $64. 

Earrings $24.Sequin shoe top  $24.

Animal  Print with gold lurex threads $88.

black tank   $38.   available in many colors

Leggings $64. 

Embellished tunics  $ 84.00   S-1X

 Matching leggings $64.00  

Embellished jacketing   $140.00

Leopard and zebra designs

Scattered beading tank   $64.00

 Burnished gold jacket   $120.00

Sparkle tank  $58.00 

Silver and pink lace foil jacket  $120.

Silver tank  $64. 

long side slit skirt $68

Necklace $30.

Metallic jeans   $110.00

Silver twosome...jacket 120.00

Nailhead tank   $62.00 

Soft pink  sweater with lurex $78. One size

Glitter tank   $58.   S-2X 

Blue lurex hoodie    $98.

lurex tank  $58.

silver nailhead tank.jpg

silver nailhead 

Full view of tanks below:

Glitter tanks, side rusching  $58. 

also  in black and white 

white glitter tank.jpg

gold jeweled tank 

glitter tanks